16 April 2010

Terrestrial's Telstar

Sometimes I wish I was a normal guy: live my life without visions of deaths + disasters, without hearing something that other people couldn't hear. I remember Catatonia's quotation: "Equally cursed and blessed...", I feel cursed and I'm so tired. I can't explain the details because I knew that no one would care about fantasy-like stuff in my head, I don't care...

My latest artworks heavily constructed by purple + magenta + blue + green colors, spacey imagery + glowing stuffs but I didn't intend it to be like that. I saw that colors day and night in my daily life: around human body, around your head ! And I really like to say a fact that we don't need any psychedelic drugs to get psychedelic effect, believe me, it's useless !

All and all, I still would like to thank God for giving us a very weird + mysterious life. Nothing we can understand that can't be understood + nothing we can do that can't be done without His divine intervention, thank you very much. I dedicated these artworks just for You, I call it "Miraj" and "Post Miraj":

Thx for reading, thx for visiting, may Allah be with you always...

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