4 June 2011

Poem of Parmenides

And thou shalt know the origin of all the things on high,
and all the signs in the sky, and the resplendent works of the
glowing sun’s clear torch, and whence they arose.
And thou shalt learn likewise of the wandering deeds
of the round-faced moon, and of her origin.

Thou shalt know, too, the heavens that surround us,
whence they arose, and how Necessity took

them and bound them to keep the limits of the stars.

How the earth, and the sun, and the moon, and the sky that is
common to all, and the Milky Way, and the outermost Olympos,
and the burning might of the stars arose.

The narrower circles are filled with unmixed fire, and those
surrounding them with night, and in the midst of these rushes
their portion of fire. In the midst of these circles is the divinity that directs
the course of all things; for she rules over all painful birth and all begetting,
driving the female to the embrace of the male, and the male to that of the female.

- Parmenides

Poem of Parmenides

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