21 October 2015

Ghede Chokra's

Sharkmove - Ghede Chokra's

Currently obsessed with this album, Ghede Chokra's, by prog-rock band Sharkmove.

Founded by Benny Soebardja, Sharkmove was one of the very first prog-rock bands in Indonesia who recorded and released an album. Benny once claimed that Ghede Chokra's is the first independent album released in Indonesia; recorded in late 1970 and self-released in 1973 without any record label involved.

The album was heavily influenced by major UK prog-rock acts such as Procol Harum, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, and also Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple.

This is Sharkmove's only album and Benny has since went on to produce his own albums and formed another legendary rock group Giant Step in mid 70s.

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